Rules and regulations of the house




We strive to make sure that you enjoy your holiday undisturbed. If you encounter anything we could improve (technical, organisational problems etc.), please, tell us immediately so that we can rectify the situation as soon as possible. We cannot remedy and accept any retrospective complaints.
All we expect of you is empathy. Just think of how you would expect your guests to behave and relate to the environment. Please, note in this respect that for any damages caused by our guests, the party causing the damage will be held liable.
When using water, electricity, gas, please, keep an eye on reducing environmental pressure, besides the principle of economy.
Please note that we cannot assume any liability for your belongings left in the house.


Your enquiry becomes a reservation when we receive 10% of the accommodation fee at our bank account by transfer or to our postal address. (Bank account: 53900052-12005019-00000000)
Payment of the accommodation fee and the tourist tax takes place upon arrival and filling in the visitor’s book.
We cannot reduce or reimburse the accommodation fee, if you leave earlier than scheduled.
Any payable services you use during your stay will be summed up and paid immediately before you leave.


Arrival: between 14 and 18
Departure: until 11
We are flexible with both arrival and departure times. If you want to arrive earlier or later, or if you want to leave later, please, tell us, and we will meet your needs if possible.


Smoking is allowed in the designated places outside the building where there is a container to discard cigarette butts in.


We welcome you with rooms designated to accommodate small pets, where the keeper takes care of and feeds his or her pets, and keeps their surroundings clean. The keeper will be liable for any damages caused by the pet.
For the admission of a pet, we charge a one-off cleaning fee (HUF 1000/occasion).


Please, take care of the order and cleanliness. Please, do not leave any unwashed kitchenware, unconsumed food or litter behind.
Guests receive rooms in a clean state, and you have to clean your room for yourself during your stay.
You will find basic cleaning supplies in the premises. Please, tell us, if you need additional cleaning tools or stuff.
At your request, we change your towels after 3 nights of stay and your bed linen after 7 nights of stay.
Please, do not take anything from the kitchen for common use into your own room – such equipment is available jointly for all guests.
If you use the kitchen for common use, please, get it in order when you are finished.


Use of the closed parking area in the courtyard is free.
When opening and closing the gate, please pay attention to the safety of other guests.


Should you detect any fire, accidents or theft, please, call the helpline (112), and do anything you can or may do to avoid or reduce damages.
We cannot assume any liability and pay any compensation for any damages arising through no fault of the owner (acts of god, hail, fire, power failure etc.)

15 September, 2015

The management of SZIN-HÁZ